Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

Logros y Trofeos Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

Listado de logros y trofeos de Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition. Desbloquéalos todos.



Saviour of Neverwinter

Consigue todos los trofeos del juego


Graduate with Bloody Honours

The adventure begins for ourfearless hero


Fair Weather Henchmen

You've built the foundations for six beautiful friendships with the power of bribery


Burn Baby

You've stayed healthy in Neverwinter by eating well, washing your hands and setting things on fire


Neverwinter Crypt Raider

Your journey has taken you into the sleeping territory of the dead. You've raided three tombs of Lord Never and returned the artifacts found there to Oleff of Giles


These Swords are Poorly Balanced

While level 8 or less, you rallied your might to defeat four flying swords in Never's tomb


Deal or No Deal

There is a demon in Helm's Hold. Do you release it or restore the guardian spirit to its rightful place?


Silence the Wailing

You succeeded in curing the Wailing Death!


Hoard Mode

During your journey, you found and returned 5 tomes, 3 gems, 5 ears and a daughter, and finished a deadly challenge


Tower Frozen in Time

You were diligent in investigating the crimes of the brothers Jhareg. You possessed all of the facts before you passed judgment


No Teen Wolves Here

Through battle or compassion, you dealt with the werewolf curse plaguing Port Llast and the surrounding area


Not Just In It For The Paycheque

Nothing says lolalty like giving your employees more presents


You Can't Just Keep a Baby

While your journey has exposed you to many valuable treasures, you probably should have returned the baby


No Cult Stone Left Unkilled

You found more than enough evidence of cult activities to give to Aribeth


New Servant of Evil

You navigated the Host Tower and uncovered a terrible plot


Law and Rolgan

You were persuasive in your arguments. The jury was unanimous


It's Not An Ocarina

You reforged a powerful Amulet of Ages with the aid of two warring factions, and used it to weaken a powerful dragon


No Jewelry for Me!

You defeated the powerful Winter Fang without weakening it!


Ride or Die Henchmen

You secured six livelong henchmen for the low price of 3 priceless presents


Dragons are Friends Not Fodder

You completed quests for a green and gold dragon without killing them


Words Have Power

You gathered three of the four words of power and defeated a great enemy


You Are a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Neverwinter is Under Siege! Repel the invaders and claim your reward


A Paladin's Penance

The scales of justice will be balanced with peaceful


A Paladin Perishes

You've brought bloody balance to a disgraced devotee


Morag is No More

You defeated an ultimate evil and completed your adventure!


Hardcore Morag

You defeated Morag while suffering under the difficulty of Hardcore rules or harder!


Level 10

You have reached level 10


Level 20

You have reached level 20


Leve 40

You have reached level 40


Multifaceted Hero

You trained yourself in multiple fields of battle. Beware the potential experience penalty


How Prestigious

Gain your first prestige class


How Prestigious x5

You are five times more prestigious


That Went Well...

You were defeated in battle. Gather your willpower and try again!


There Are Too Many People In This Hallway

You've amassed a battle party of four or more companions


Jingle, Jangle, Sell Another Bangle

One hundred thousand pennies in your pocket


No Workers Comp

You might need to aim more carefully around your henchmen in the future


Don't Believe His Lies

You are a master manipulator, a breathtaking bluffer. Are you lying or sincere? No one knows


Even Mores Prestigious

You unlocked a prestige class from Hordes of the Underdark



You saved the land from a most dangerous devil


Top of Your Class

Your prowess in your current class has reached unimaginable heights


Hardcore Mephistopheles

You decided the fate of Mephistopheles after a grueling battle while the difficulty was set to Hardcore Rules or harder


Arcana: Epic Edition

You mastered a truly epic spell


That Baby Does NOT Go There

What are you doing with that baby?


Dunk the Monk

You duck, you weave, you tumble away from danger as if you were a ghost. Your tumbling skill is so high you might as well be in the circus


Bigby's THesaurus Hand

How many hands can Bigby possibly have?


Undrentine Under Rubble

You defeated Heurodis and saved Faerum from shadowy fate


Extra Prestigious

You unlocked a prestige class from Shadows of Undrentine


Hardcore Heurodis

You defeated Heurodis while suffering under the dificulty of Hardcore rules or harder