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In a local co-op game, score a goal while your teammate is instigating the Goaltender


Collateral Damage

Hip Check a teammate along with an opponent


He Shoots, He Scores

Unlock the "Jack Goff" collectible by completing the Deke and Score objective in Story Mode


Faceoff Specialist

Unlock the "Roy Sterling" collectible by completing the Faceoff objective in Story Mode


Real Old-Fashioned Guts

Win enough fights in one game to have atleast 10 opposing players fatigued


Crusing For A Boozin

Hit Cliff Parnassus in the Story Gme "Cruisin for a Boozin"


Soft Sieve

Instigate Guy Beaulieu in the Story Game "Soft Sieve"


Eye For An Eye

Injure Jim "The Crook" Shepherd" in the Story Game "Eye For An Eye"


Ice To Meet You

Win the Line Brawl in the Story Game "Ice To Meet You"


Blow'em Out

Win by a goal difference of 5 goals in the Story Game "Blow'em Out"


Silence On The Ice

Win the Bench Brawl in the Story Game "Silence On The Ice"


Bust League Trick

Unlock the "Rex Goldie Talon" collectible by completing hte Hattrick objecitve in Story Mode


Sacrifice The Body

Unlock the "Toe O'Sullivan" collectible by completing the Block Shots objective in Story Mode


Penalty Killer

Unlock the "Gump Monahan" collectible by completing the Kill Penalties objective in Story Modes



Unlock the "Terry Peace" collectible by completing the PIMs objective in Story Mode


We Are The Champions!

Finish Story Mode on any Difficulty


Real Puckhead

Finish one Story Mode Plus Season on any Difficulty


Pumped Up!

Max out all progression Stars before entering Playoffs in a Story Mode Season


Complete Set

Get all the Collectibles in the Game


Brick Wall

Unlock the "Lou Petit" collectible by completing the Shut Out objective in Story Mode


Sticky Situation

Unlock the "Barney Williams" collectible by completing the Stick Fight objective in Story Mode


True Hockey Fan

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