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Getting the Hang of it

Win a round of a quick match


With Great Power...

Try all of the powerups



Finish a round of every game mode



Try a non-default setting from every deep customisation row (when not playing standard gamemodes)


Non-canonical Ending

Win a match as Goliath against all the Davids


Time Dilation

Win back-to-back matches of The Matrix and Super Speed


There Can Be Only One

Emerge victorious from a Sumo match


Eagle Eye

Successfully sink the ball in Flappy Bird


Skills All Round

Get four balls in the hole in a quick match


Fantastic Four

All four human players get a hole-in-1


Everybody Bunch Up

Play with 8 human players


Quick Everyone!

Get all 8 balls in the hole when only 5 seconds is allowed after the first ball is sunk


Bespoke and Fast!

Change something on the quick settings menu



Use the customise menu



Set some per-player options in the customise menu


Dragons Don't Scare Me

Find the deepest level of the customise menu


Spirit Animal Advice or Tasty Burger?

Use the sliders to customise further


Get Outta Here

Push 3 or more players with one use of the forcefield


Wall-hack Smack-back

Hit another wall-hacking player while wall-hacking and survive


Perfect Arc

Get a hole-in-1 with no bounces and at least 3 checkpoints enabled


Rat-King King

Be the winning player in a Rat-King of 4 players or more



All players vote for the same option


Joining the 1%

Collect 500 or more coins in one round


The Long Way

Travel more than a kilometre before getting a hole-in-1 by using powerups


I Can See My House From Here

Get more than a km aay from the hole before sinking


Fruit Bowl

Get two giant bananas in the hole at once



Get a hole-in-1



Get a hole-in-1 with no bounces


Five With One Blow

Get 5 holes-in-1 in a row


...Comes Great Responsibility

Get a hole-in-0 by using your powerups


That's Umpossible!

Get a hole-in-0 without using any powerups



Win a round with at least 3 checkpoints without anybody else getting any



Win 3 matches in a row in a single session


The Hole is That Way

Don't win a round in a match of 500 points or more with the default settings for bonuses


Dazed and Confused

Play a round for 4 minutes or more without anybody sinking


Close Call

Sink with less than a second on the round clock


Bruised and Battered

Get hit by 20 or more skyjunk in one round



Fail to win the match even after winning the round while on match point


You're Doing Scoring Wrong

Finish the match on a negative score


Tin Cupping It

Miss 5 or more consecutive shots from the tee and then sink the ball on your next shot



Win a match after there being 3 or more players on match-point above you



Respawn twice and still win the round


Tortured Path

Hit 10 mines in a row and then still end up in the hole on the same shot


Luck from the Sky

Get a random drop from the top that sink your ball


CTR Rules

Be selected for the podium after a match ends in a tie


9 Parts Luck, 1 Part Skill

Get a hole-in-1 on a caves level with all other settings on default


Photo Finish

Sink the ball at the exact same time as another player


True Technical Supremacy

Win a four player match of Spiderball with least shots as the scoring mode


Dynamic Duo

Finish a match in first and second place with your controller buddy in a game with 8 human players


Let Me See What You Made

Play a friend's custom gamemode


The Long Hard Way

Travel more than two km before getting a hole-in-1 without using powerups



Win every round in a match of 500 points or more with the default settings for bonuses


So Many Missed Chances

Win a quick game with a score over 1.000 points


Good Times

Play 1.000 rounds


Great Times

Win 100 matches



Win a match of at least half of the gamemodes


One Hand Clapping

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