Phantasy Star Online 2

Logros y Trofeos Phantasy Star Online 2

Listado de logros y trofeos de Phantasy Star Online 2. Desbloquéalos todos.



On an Endless Adventure, Once Again!

Our adventure is just beginning! We're counting on you for the next quest


Pse Burst!

The rising pillar of light is a sign of benediction! Now the real battle begins!


Thank You, Please Come Again!

The will to never retreat, a spirit that never wavers, and an unbreakable asset


You Made the Difference!

Release the power that you kindled!


A Hero Is Never Alone

Let's all support each other, until it feels natural for you to be right alongside us


Super Exciting!!

Aim your darts at the board over there, and *shunk*!


Vol Dragon, the Supreme Ruler of Purgatory

May it perish in the fires of the volcano it was dunked on


Quartz Dragon, Ruler of the Wild Blue Skies

In its insolence, it personally killed our noble dragons!


Fang Banser, Assassin of the Secret Forest

"King of Beast" refers to those who would first sic others on the enemy before themselves


The Superdreadnought, Big Varder

As always, big launchers on big warships are the stuff of dreams! Although no iodea who made it...


Dark Ragne, Predator of the Abyss

As far as this immensely spacious universe, are they pest, or are they beneficial insects?


Turned Into a Stalwart Hero

Yeah, you know Hunters are the best! Don't bother being a Force! They always need to be protected


Turned Into an Archer Wielding Flames

Rangers are awesome! Heh heh! Let's make pincushions out of every last little enemy!


Turned Into a Creator of All Things

Yeah, being a Force is the best after all... Being a Hunter is nothing but hot, sweaty work


Turned Into a Point-Blank Shredder

Being a Fighter ain't bad, either! It's a fine choice! Just watch out for Techters!


Turned Into a Musketeer Bearing Meteors

Being a Gunner's a nice! Watch enemies dance while you shoot 'em more holes than a honeycomb!


Turned Into One Who Controls Domains

Being a Techter's great. Fighter is out of the question. They get in the way of the rays we shoot


Shining, intense, and brilliant!

Did you watch me on stage!? ...Huh, you couldn't really see me because of my invisibility power?


Falz Hyunal, the Jet Black Beacon

If one who fights humans take a human form, isn't it because human forms are the strongest to take?


Chrome Dragon, the Ravening Tyrant

There are no assailants to be found. For here, there are onlly victims


That's Amazingly Bad Luck You've Got There

Think about it this way: At least this means you have meseta to burn, right?


An Extremely Enraged Mag

Its Photon last is awoken by its intense anger, even while it maintains its calm demeanor...


Bar Lodos, Conqueror of the Raging Currents

Placid seas can hardly forge experienced sailors. Every crisis is an opportunity!


Turned Into a Master of Opportunities

Yes, the new class, the Braver! Become a Braver today!


Found the Lillipan!

"Lin... (they found me)!"


Gigur GUnnegam, the Demon of the Frozen Ice

If a divine punishment awaits him, then let him have it!


Turned Into a Flying Guardian

Surely it was fate that you'd become a Bouncer! Please, by all means, tell me your orders!