Phar Lap - Horse Racing Challenge

Logros y Trofeos Phar Lap - Horse Racing Challenge

Listado de logros y trofeos de Phar Lap - Horse Racing Challenge. Desbloquéalos todos.



First steps

Reached player prestige 2


On the road to greatness

Reached player prestige 10


World class

Reached player prestige 20


Having a mare

Bred a mare


Silver stallion

Bred a stallion


Amateur breeder

Bred 10 horses


Experienced breeder

Bred 50 horses


Master breeder

Bred 100 horses


Putting them through their paces

Trained horses 50 times


Experienced trainer

Trained horses 250 times


Training master

Trained horses 500 times


Horse friends

Owned 2 horses


Four's a party

Owned 4 horses


Crowded house

Owned 6 horses


Full house

Owned 12 horses


Amateur owner

Owned a level 10 horse


Experienced owner

Owned a level 25 horse


Championship owner

Owned a level 50 horse


First foal

Owned a grade 2 horse


Genetically superior

Owned a grade 5 horse


Bred to win

Onwed a grade 10 horse


Chomping at the bit

Won 10 races


Winning your spurs

Won 50 races


Hoofing it

Won 250 races


Hat trick

Win 3 races in a row in Story mode


Trojan horse

Won after passing 5 horses in the final stretch


Down to the wire

Won 10 races in a photo finish


Great positioning

Spent 5.000m in preferred positioin


Perfect positioning

Spent 10.000 in preferred position



Won a race despite a win pay of 15.00 or worse


Eat my dust

Won 4 races when riding against Richad


Horse Tycoon

Accumulated 1.000.000 Gold


Put a champon out to pasture

Sold a horse worth more than 15.000 Gold


Multiplayer challenger

Completed a set of 3 races in Online Racing mode


Racing Life

Completed a round of Betting Party mode


Practice makes perfect

Completed a set of 3 races in Quick Race mode


Championship racer

Won 5 races in Online Racing mode