QURARE: Magic Library

Trofeos QURARE: Magic Library

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Let's Start!

Set up your deck with Rare+ or higher Kodices


Now You're Talking

Set up you deck with Super Rare or higher Kodices


A Diligent Librarian

Obtain Main Story Kodex x 100


Interpretation Complete

Interpret Super Rare or higher Kodex x20


Utilizing Surplus Kodices!

Bind Super Rare or higher Kodex x20


The Kodex Maker

Combine Kodex x50


The Crusher

Extract Super Rare or higher Kodex x100


The Millionaire

Consume 1.000.000 Gold


Everyone's Here!

Collect all the librarians


St. Valentine's Hysteria

Clear White Day in the Main Story


Let's Do This Together!

Complete 100 Co-op Mode battles


The Best Party Member

Reach Fellow Lv. 70


A Real Librarian

Reach librarian Lv. 70


To Be Continued...

Clear all chapters in the Main Story


The Kodex Master

Reach Lv. 70 with Super Rare or higher Kodex x 10