Shuttle Commander

Trofeos Shuttle Commander

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Shuttle Commander

Complete a Shuttle Landing with an "Etreme" difficulty rating and a score over 700k


Outright Commander

Complete Shuttle Commander


Space Cowboy

Land safely without following the suggested glideslope


Reach for the stars

Experience an entire shuttle Launch


Full Orbit

Complete a full orbit around the Earth


Astronomer Extraordinaire

Explore the Universe and view all the info points


Get One's Wings

Land your first Shuttle


Let it go

Launch the Hubble telescope


I wasn't born in a barn

Close all the Panels and Boxes on the Hubble Telescope


Screw Loose

Unscrew all the screws on Hubble during a single play-through


Spread your Wings

Jettison a component into space


Touch Down

Complete a landing at every location, both night and day


Déjà Vu

Watch a Shuttle landing replay