Superbeat Xonic EX

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Life is practice

Completed tutorial 5 times



3 consecutive game overs


The Beginner

DJ level 2 achieved


Warm up

4trax cleared


100 XONiC

Play count 100 achieved


50 XONiC

Play count 50 achieved


Almost perfect

Break 1 clear


Don't give up

Mission failed in world tour


F Man

Stage failed in stage modes


FX License

6trax fx cleared


Hard life

Difficulty hard game start


Lucky seven

Break 7 clear


Need more DJ

DJ icon changed 20 or more



6trax cleared


Sounds great

Key sound 50% achieved


Wanna be DJ

DJ icon 10% achieved


Bang Vox

Key sound "Bang Vox" achieved


Dog Bite

Key sound "Dog Bite" achieved


Expert DJ

S++ overall ranking in 4trax


Half life

DJ level 50 achieved


Hard tour

First unlock hard club in World Tour


Living dead

Cleared with 10% power gauge


Master combo

99.999 combo achieved


Master DJ

S++ overall ranking in 6trax fx


Perfect game

Perfect play achieved


Super combo

All combo achieved


Superior DJ

S++ overall ranking 6trax


1000 XONiC

Play count 1.000 achieved


All round player

Unlock all patterns in Freestyle mode


Perfect DJ

DJ icon 100% achieved


Perfect sound

Key sound 100% achieved


XONiC Maestro

DJ Level 99 achieved