Superbeat Xonic

Logros y Trofeos Superbeat Xonic

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Life Is Practice

Completed Tutorial 5 times


Don't Give Up

Mission failed in World Tour


F Man

Stage failed in Stage Modes


Lucky Seven

Break 7 clear



3 consecutive game overs


Almost Perfect

Break 1 clear


Need More DJ

DJ Icon changed 20 or more


Hard Life

Difficulty Hard Game Start


100 XONiC

Play count 100 achieved


Sounds Great

Key sound 50% achieved


50 XONiC

Play count 50 achieved


Wanna be DJ

DJ Icon 10% achieved


FX License

6TRAX FX cleared



6TRAX cleared


Warm Up

4TRAX cleared


The Beginner

DJ level 2 achieved


Master Combo

99999 combo achieved


Master DJ

S++ overall ranking in 6TRAX FX


Superior DJ

S++ voerall ranking in 6TRAX


Expert DJ

S++ overall ranking in 4TRAX


Bang Vox

Key Sound "Bang Box" achieved


Perfect Game

Perfect play achieved


Super Combo

All combo achieved


Living Dead

Cleared with 10% power gauge


Half Life

DJ level 50 achieved


Hard Tour

First unlock Hard Club in World Tour


Dog Bite

Key Sound "Dog Bite" achieved


XONiC Maestro

DJ level 99 achieved


1000 XONiC

Play count 1000 achieved


All Round Player

Unlock all patterns in frestyle mode


Perfect DJ

DJ Icon 100% Achieved


Perfect Sound

Key Sound 100% Achieved


The Superbeat

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