The Caligula Effect: Overdose

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The Caligula Effect: Overdose

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Welcome to Mobius!

Answer μ's call


Hidden Powers Activated

Experience your first battle


Go-Home Club Activities START!

Begin activities as part of the Go-Home Club


After the Moratorium

Complete Kagi-P's Character Arc


In Search of Your Individuality

Complete Sweet-P's Character Arc


Desire and Discipline

Complete Stork's Character Arc


A Fleetiong Chance

Complete Shonen-Doll's Character Arc


The Truth Unseenf

Complete Kuchinashi's Character Arc


Glory Days Begone

Complete Mirei's Character Arc


Archetypal Self

Complete Ike-P's Character Arc


Celestial Justice

Complete Shadow Knife's Character Arc


A Pure Girl

Complete Wicked's Character Arc


This Unwavering Feeling

Complete Thorn's Character Arc


Wishes' End

Complete μ's Character Arc


In the Depths of Your Heart

Complete a person's Character Episodes


A Reason to Go Home

Complete all Go-Home Club member's Character Episodes


President's Decision

Banish Eiji from the Go-Home Club


μ's Wish

Complete μ's Remnant Episodes


Two Different Perspectives

Begin activities as part of the Ostinato Musicians


First Job

Clear the Mifue and Ayana battle


Pervert Trio

Clear the Suzuna and Naruko battle


Unfortunate Charisma

Clear the Shogo and Izuru battle


Beginning of the End

Clear a melee battle


Friends in a Past Life

Exterminate the Go-Home Club


One Who Reverts All to Zero

Complete Aria's Character Arc


Feelings Caged in Song

Complete all Ostinato Musicians' Character Episodes



Complete the main story with both the male and female protagonist


A World, Surrounded by Friends

Accumulate over 100 friends


A World, Surrounded by Close Friends

Accumulate over 100 friends with Affinity


School Sleuth

Solve the mystery of the 21-class leader


Scars Left Behind

Collect over 300 Stigmas


What is Lo--uh, Strength?

Raise the protagonist's level to higher than 50


Global Investigator

Solve all Enigmas


Friend Groupie

View your field WIRE over 10 times


Chat Pro

Send group WIRE messages over 10 times