The Guided Fate Paradox

Trofeos The Guided Fate Paradox

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Welcome to The Guided Fate Paradox!

You watched the opening movie! Now enjoy the game!


Cleared 1st Wish

Guided the fate of the first believer


Cleared 3rd Wish

Guided the fate of the third believer


New Partner, Please!

Obtained once you take someone other than Lilliel into a dungeon


Cleared 8th Wish

Guided the fate of the eighth believer


God's Duty Complete

Obtained when you clear the main story


To the Martial Arts Dungeon!

Obained when you first enter the Martial Arts dungeon


Defeated Axel!

Obtained when you defeat Axel in the Extra dungeon


Defeated Pirohiko!

Obtained when you defeat Pirohiko in the Extra dungeon


Defeated Nisa!

Obtained when you defeat Nisa in the Extra dungeon


Defeated Asagi!

Obtained when you defeat Asagi in the Extra dungeon


Defeated Valvatorez!

Obtained when you defeat Valvatorez in the Extra dungeon


Defeated Raspberyl!

Obtained when you defeat Raspberyl in the Extra dungeon


Defeated Buddha!

Obtained when you defeat Buddha in the Martial Arts dungeon (beginner)


I... can't... stop!

Obtained after entering the machine 100 times


Body Modification Newbie

Obtained when you place your first Holy Icon


Divine Summon Newbie

Obtained when you summon an item set for the first time


It only makes you stronger

Obtained when your Total Level goes up after you faint


The power to guide fate

Obtained when you use God Mode for the first time


Burst Veteran

Obtained when you Burst equipmnt 100 times



Obtained after fainting 3 time after telling an angel to "Fight as you see fit!"


It's different

Obtained when you find an Irregular Floor the first time


God likes it rough

Obtained when you use the Enemy Boost Shop


Gold Crab

Obtained when you defeat a gold crab


Nice flow

Obtained after directing God Energy to flow more than 30 tiles away to a Holy Artifact


Store regular

Obtained when you spend more than 100.000 GP at the store



Obtained when you steal items 10 times


Exceeded 100.000 damage!

Obtained after exceeding 100.000 damage


To a revolution!

Obtained after defeating 1.000 enemies


Reached 9.999 Total Level

Obtained when your total level reaches 9.999


Achieved Divine Equip +99

Obtained after boosting a piece of equipment to +99


Master Thrower

Obtained after throwing the enemy 50 times



Obtained after placing over 10 Holy Artifacts on the Divinigram



Obtained after depositing over 1 million GP in the bank


Kill the toughies

Obtained after defeating 50 strong enemies


Holy Icon God

Obtained when you fill the whole Divinigram with Holy Icons


Holy Artifact God

Obtained once you have collected all Holy Artifacts


Divine Release Observer

Obtained once you have seen all Divine Skills


Defeated Zeus!

Obtained when you defeat Zeus in the Martial Arts dungeon (advanced)


Defeated Hades!

Otained when you defeat Hade in the Martial Arts dungeon (intermediate)


Exceeded 100 million damage!

Obtained after exceeding 100 million damage


Defeated Prince yamato!

Obtained when you defeat Prince Yamato in the Martial Arts Dungeon (Ex Advanced)


Defeated Laharl!

Obtained when you defeat Laharl in the Extra dungeon


Obtained all items

Obtained once you have collected all the different items


Thou Art God!

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