The Wild at Heart

Logros y Trofeos The Wild at Heart

Listado de logros y trofeos de The Wild at Heart. Desbloquéalos todos.



All The Trophhies, Probably

Consigue todos los trofeos del juego


The Adventure Begins

Successfully run away from home


Welcome to the Deep Woods

Reach The Grove, the home of the Greenshields


A Fractured Order

Recall all wayward Greenshields to The Grove, Uncovering the details of their missions


The Final Passage

Open the way to Umbral Lethea, using the power of the Greenshield Artifacts


Resealed and Restored

Defeat The Never


Nutriment Whiz

Craft every type of Meal


Mix Master

Craft every type of Tonic


The Totally Full at Heart

Purchase all health upgrades


Back off man, I'm a scientist

Purchase every gustbuster upgrade


Hal Jordan Who?!

Purchase every Warden's Way upgrade


Now This Sparks Joy

Purchase every Bag Slot upgrade


Home Is Where the Hearth Is

Purchase every Spriteling Cap upgrade


Herd is the Word

Befriend all 5 main Spriteling Types


Cat-astrophe Averted

Safely return all of Litterbox's cats to the Grove


This is the Way

Complete every beastie bounty from 20/20


Trove Trustee

Completely fill out the Grove Trove, finding every last missing treasure



Find all the Lost Journal Pages missing from "Book"



Fully reveal the maps for every known area of the Deep Woods



Stay up through the night until daybreak, outside of The Grove


Look Ma, No Hands!

Break a crystal with Barblings without throwing them



Kick an itme directly into the Stash Box


Freezy Pops

Get 5 or more Spritelings frozen in ice simultaneously


Nature Bath

Take a moment of thoughful meditation by the waterfall in Heartlands


Geography Buff

Learn about every area of the Deep Woods from 20/20


Hot Goss

Listen to all the juicy gossip that the Twins have to dish


FAQ Finder

Hear all of Scrap Heap's tips and tricks


S'more the Merrier

Build your first camp


Trainee Tinkerer

Craft your first item


Bargain Bin

Make a trade with Rubbish