Time Machine VR

Trofeos Time Machine VR

Listado de trofeos de Time Machine VR. Desbloquéalos todos.



Little Footsteps

Complete the Tutorial Level


Trial By Time

Complete Level 1


Bait & Switch

Complete Level 2


This Time We're Going Viral

Complete Level 3


We're Gonna Need A Bigger Sub

Complete Level 4


Now You're Thinking With Time Travel

Return to any level in Exploration mode


Hey, Fishface!

Investigate the Ophthalmosaurus further


The Spiral King

Investigate the Titanites further


Troublesome Matchmaker

Create a new couple in the Dakosaurus group


Vultures In A Past Shell

Resolve the mystery of the smaller bites on the Lusotitan


Long-Toothed Longneck

Investigate the veteran Elasmosaurus


Jurassic Scrapbook

Unlock the Dinodex


Aspiring Cadet

Complete your first Dinodex


Devoted Cadet

Complete 3 Dinodex entries


Experienced Cadet

Complete 5 Dinodex Entries


Cadet Connoisseur

Complete 7 Dinodex Entries


Cadet Expert

Complete 9 Dinodex Entries


Great Scott!

Complete your first Monolith Entry


The Cadet Who Leapt Through Time

Complete Story Mode


Life Finds A Way

Help the Baby Pliosaurus find its mother


The Hesperornis of Notre-Dove

Find out why there is a lone Hesperornis


Om nom nom!

Sate the Mosasaurus' voracious hunger


Moby Livy

Investigate the creature that saved you from the Megalodon


There's Always A Bigger Fish

Find out what happened to the Megalodon that attacked you


They're Moving In Herds

Investigate the Neoparadoxia's herd structure


What Year is This?!

Escape your first Monolith


Temporal Cryptozoologist

Complete 3 Monoliths


Anomaly Catcher

Complete 5 Monoliths


Parachrono Explorer

Complete 7 Monoliths



Complete 9 Monoliths


Professor Cadet

Complete the Dinodex entries for all of Story and Exploration Mode's creatures


The Definition of Insanity

Annoy Rob with the Mosasaurus' help


Anyone Not Ready For This?

Discover Your First Monolith


All Ends Are Beginnings

Complete All Of The Monoliths



Complete 100% of the Dinodex


To Rule Time Is To Rule The World

Reach the True Ending


No One Will Ever Believe You

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