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It's Alive!

Switch on the light in the big room


Light from Nowhere

The hidden lantern was found


Cable Break

Get to the old part of the power station



Collect 50 lightnings


Secret Hideout

Light up the treehouse


Great Start!

"First Introduction" was completed with 3 lamps


Old Secrets

Another way to the generator was found


Furniture Party

Seriously?! Where is everybody?


Let there be Light!

The backup genrator was activated


High Voltage

"Backup Generator" was completed with 3 lamps


Music. Sunset. Electricity

"The Journey Begins" was completed with 3 lamps


The Power Station

Tutorial was completed. The Power Station is working


The Light for Everyone!

Cheers! The coast has light again!


Gone with the Wind

"Scarlett, you do like me, don't you?!



"Welcome to Electro City!" was completed with 3 lamps


Happy Parents

Home, sweet home!



"Beware of Dog! was completed with 3 lamps


Electrician Services

Repair the wiring in the house


Habitual Things

"Household Chores" was completed with 3 lamps


Turn Down for What?!

Kids go home, the rest - to the party!


Pride Goes Before a Fall

Climb up to the school roof


Evening Classes

Classes are over, the kids are going home



"School Routine" was completed with 3 lamps


Winner of Quadrocopters

Stop this awful machine!


Fearlessness and Courage

"Observatory" was completed with 3 lamps


Booster Charge

"Suburb" was completed with 3 lamps



The 1st Episode was completed. The Suburb has light again


The King of the Gas Station

The tanks are full, we can drive


New Sheriff

Frighten all the bullies on the street


The Darkness is a Friend of Youth

"Unrest in the darkness" was completed with 3 lamps


Two Years in Development

The very first created level was completed



Now you can wash your car!


Attention to Details

"Bulb Monument Street" was completed with 3 lamps


Love Despite the Darkness

Make a date in the café


Electro City Inn

Light up the vintage signboard


Agility and Dilligence

"Unusual Date" was completed with 3 lamps



Bon Appetit!



Your advert could be here ;)


Awesome Shopping

"Night Gluttons" was completed with 3 lamps


Tram Madness

No need to call 911...


City Hero

"Mad Tram" was completed with 3 lamps


Local Resident

"Residential District" was completed with 3 lamps


Residential District

The 2nd Episode was completed. The Residential District has light again


Last Stop

Pleas leave the tram



Highlight a monument in the park


A Thorough Approach

"Central Park" was completed with 3 lamps


Master of the Rhythm

"Night Jogging" was completed with 3 lamps


Water Treatments

What a beautiful fountain!


Like the palm of the hand

"So-so Admirer" was completed with 3 lamps


Come in, We're Open!

Turn on the light in the rental booths


Golf Champion

"Golf in the Dark" was completed with 3 lamps


Ferris Wheel

Stop this Ferris Wheel! Rescue the people!


Leisure Salvation

"Ferris Wheel" was completed with 3 lamps


Keep Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'...

"Get out of here!" was completed with 3 lamps


Bright Park

The 3rd Episode was completed. Central Park has lights again


Get the Party Started!

Light up the lights on the Ferris Wheel


Manuscripts Don't Burn

"The Smell of Trouble" was completed with 3 lamps


Save The Clock Tower

The clock is working again


While No One Sees...

"Mass Rally!" was completed with 3 lamps



Free the demonstrators!


Search Warrant

"Police Station" was completed with 3 lamps



"Pursuit in the sky!" was completed with 3 lamps


City Center

The 4th Episode was completed. The City Center has light again


Big Sizes

Light up all the billboards on the skyscrapers


Caretaker Towers

"Climbing Up" was completed with 3 lamps



It's time to work...


Desperate Search

"Even Higher!" was completed with 3 lamps


Help the Pilot

Turn on the signal beacons on the landing ground


Storm Is Not an Obstacle

"The Roofs" was completed with 3 lamps


Super Speed!

"Hazardous Lifts" was completed with 3 lamps


That's all, Folks!

The End!.. Or not?



"The Last Generator!" was completed with 3 lamps



The 5th Episode was completed. The Downtown is lit again


Brought to a Close

"The Last Journey" was completed with 3 lamps


Team of 4? Seriously?

Thanks, mate!


There is No Place Like Home

It's time to go...



Collect 200 lightnings


The Glittering City

The Game was completed. Electro City has light again!



Collect 500 lightnings


Master of the Lightnings

Collect 1.000 lightnings


Very Difficult Achievement

Collect 3.000 lightnings


Electric Monster

Wow, 3 lamps in all levels


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Fecha: 1 Junio 2016

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