Unholy Heights

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Hello Work1

You have become an apartment manager



Had a first monster move in


Quest of Devil

Complete the first quest


Well, That Happens

Had a monster behind with rent


Wipe Your Tears

A monster bit the dust


Get Out!

No rent, no place to reside in


Go! Go! Go!

Where to go after an eviction?


Love Nest

You are so in love


Hello Work2

A new job starting tomorrow


Like a DJ

What is your favorite song?


Circle Of Life

Witnessed the miracle of monster reproduction


Monster Tree

Opened the bestiary


Moving On Up

Added a second floor to the building


Great View From Here

Added a third floor to the building


HalfWay Through!

Have more than half of monsters in bestiary


I Shall Revenge

An eye for an eye. That's my principle


It's Coming

A top tier monster has come out


The Admirer

The devil got admired by a monster


Hello Work3

Got a job! Got a job!


Monster Master

Have all monsters in bestiary


Devil Meble

All furniture became available to buy


From Hell, with Love 2

Completed the quest "From Hell, with Love 2"


Final Countdown

Defeated the legendary hero. Time to conquer the world!


Legendary Monster

Defeated the legendary hero


Quest Master

Finished all quests


Super Rich

No more starvation!


Unholy Heights

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