Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth

Trofeos Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth

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A Song of Beginnings

Regained your sense for battle


A Song of Pursuit

Was accused of something you never did


A Song of Inflammation

Cast away all mercy for your enemies


A Song of the Abandoned

Managed to avert a crisis


A Song of Grudges

Settled a long-standing score


A Song of Welcome

Settled a long-standing score


A Song of Welcome

Found the one hiding in shadows


A Song of Reunion

Encountered one of undying loyalty


A Song of Sisters

Witnessed the bond between two sisters


A Song of Fury

Learned a man's final wish in a duel to the death


A Song of Desperation

A soldier must resort to underhanded tactics at times


A Song of Ebb and Flow

Proved that best-laid schemes often go awry


A Song of Cleansing

Experienced heaven and hell


A Song of Confrontation

Had an unexpected reunion


A Song of Ashes

Who is his vengeance truly for?


A Song of Forgiveness

Confessed your sins


A Song of Madness

Your voice went unheard. A false truth deafens him


A Song of Determination

Finally released your true strength


A Song of Transformation

Rampaged with no regard for those around you


A Song of Revolution

Saw your plans come to fruition


A Song of Rule

Opened the door to the bird's cage


A Song of Secrets

Learned a crucial secret of a foreign land


A Song of Searching

Finally found what you were looking for


A Song of Suspense

Listened to an unwelcome monologue


A Song of Worship

Attacked by those who are loyal unto death


A Song of Desecration

Shocked and appaled by a horrific sight


A Song of the United

Stood together and faced your hardships


A Song of the Liberator

Power does not conform to the shape of its vessel


A Song of Ice and Ire

You may never find warmth in this cold place


A Song of the Wild

Reduced to a mere beast


A Song of Uncertainty

You can never go back...


A Song of Independence

A job well done


A Song of Visitation

Thank you for coming


Chain Link

Successfully executed an Action Chain



Successfully executed a reactive Skill


Art of War

Used a Final Strike


Power of Friendship

Used a Co-op Attack


Concerted Dance

Use a Co-op Final


Critically Acclaimed

Successfully executed a critical



Successfully executed criticals 200 times


That should do, I think?

Dealt 500+ damage to an enemy in one attack


Maybe I overdid it, I think?

Dealt 1.000+ damage to an enemy in one attack


We shall always be together!

Summoned shikigami 100 times


Memories of Battle

Played Free Battle mode


Keep Your Friends Close

Won 20 Mock battles



Player munechika's Trails


Dream Sequenced

Entered the Dream Arena


A Scholar's Homework

Viewed 100 or more entries in the glossary


Battlefield Transcriber

Viewed 500 or more battle callouts


Moment of Reminiscence

Viewed all event visuals


The Sound of Emotion

Listened to all BGM tracks


Mask of Truth

Completed the ending


That's just overkill... I think?

Dealt 5.000+ damage to an enemy in one attack


Final Strike Connoisseur

Used Final Strike with all characters


Co-op Final Connoisseur

Used Co-op Finals with all characters


Dreamer's Awakening

Completed all Dream Arena stages


Collector's Addition

Obtained all battle rewards



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