Valhalla Knights 3

Trofeos Valhalla Knights 3

Listado de trofeos de Valhalla Knights 3. Desbloquéalos todos.



Survival of the Fittest

Defeated 100 enemies



Saved 10.000 G


First Title

Earned your first title


One Small Step for Man

Completed your first quest


First Parry

Parried for the first time


They Came from ANother World

Battled online for the first time



Helped a fallen party member


Men's Hearts Are as Easy as Pie

Maxed your relationship with a male friend


Women's Hearts Are a Piece of Cake

Maxed your relatinoship with a clerk



Stayed at the hotel with someone


Getting Handsy

Searched a certain number of times


An Apple a Day

Walked a certain number of steps


The Emperor Sleeps

Defeated the Emperor for the second time


Vengeance on Mary

Took vengeance on Mary


Vengeance on Tuckerno

Took vengeance on Tuckerno


Vengeance on Yasciano

Took vengeance on Yasciano


Vengeance on Vladimir

Took vengeance on Vladimir


Vengeance on Bartess

Took vengeance on Bartess


Vengeance on Roger Moreau

Took vengeance on Roger Moreau


Vengeance on Kevin

Took vengeance on Kevin


New Life

Completed all story quests


The Truth of the World

Brought things to a close


Title Collector

Earned a lot of titles


Weapon Collector

Collected a lot of weapons


Armor Collector

Collected a lot of armor


Quest Collector

Completed a lot of quests


The One Who Controls All

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