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Logros #WarGames

Listado de logros de #WarGames. Desbloquéalos todos.



I'm so impressed, Fati

Kelly calls Fatima


Hi, Jakey

Kelly calls Jake


We aren't a bad team, after all

Kelly calls Rafi


My lazy American friend

Kelly calls Torch


He's upset. I'm upset!

Kelly gets angry with dad


I miss mom every day

Dad gets emotional


Put him in the water!

Kelly pushes Bryce into the pool


Indoor Kid Look

Zane pushes Bryce into the pool


I'm the Gamer Geek

Kelly pilots and the drone gets shot down


Lima Oscar Lima

Zane pilots and the drone gets shot down


I was going to tell you...

Rafi learns about the new #WarGames video


I got fired

Kelly tells Rafi she got fired


Launching a grenade into the conversation!

Kelly tells rafi about the new #WarGames video


Just needed to juice up

Kelly keeps quiet about getting fired


My friend both really need to get laid

Kelly is annoyed by the chatroom


It's our sign

Kelly is flattered by the chatroom


A dumpster fire

Kelly is amused by the chatroom


Cyberactivism is staying a hobby

Kelly is upset about the chatroom


Hand Puppets

Torch and Zanemake Kelly laugh


Horse Milk

Kelly puts on a show for Zane and Torch


I'm at mom's

Kelly visits mom's grave


You're coming here? That's amazing!

Kelly heads to NYC to see Rafi


Technical Difficulties

Kelly hacks York News live on air


Gotcha a-hole

Kelly thinks the bearded customer is Resister


Nice try, Lisbeth

Kelly thinks the goth girl is Resister


Gotcha, you little turd

Kelly thinks the normcore guy is Resister


Gone Home!

Kelly plays Gone Home


Toe-sucker motherf

Kelly photoshops Jeff


I see you're as pig-headed as your father

Kelly confronts Anne in the elevator


I watch your show every night!

Kelly pretends to be Anne's No. 1 fan


Zane made it Rain!

Zane triggers the hotel sprinklers


You wouldn't believe the flow...

Kelly teases Jake


Fatima is having girlfriend troubles

Kelly pleads with Jake


Dammit Jake

Kelly gets tetchy with Jake


Please Jeff, I like this job

Kelly begs for her job


I'd rather drink instant

Kelly quits defensively


See ya around, twinkle toes

Kelly is stoked to be fired


No wonder flip-flops are not allowed

Kelly let's Jeff have it


Take a deep breath

Kelly talks Karim down


Buck the f**k up

Kelly gives Karim tough love


Le Roux Deluxe

The password is LeRouxDeluxe_1988



The password is FHQ6678_1988



The password is Cvetkov_1988


Eye in the Sky

Zane finds Anne's room


Check Please!

Kelly grabs Anne's room number


I'm not a perfect boyfriend, but I'm trying

Rfi finds Anne's room


Let's go phishing

Kelly phishes Anne's room number


Safe Breaker

Kelly smashes dad's safe



Kelly saves Faisal



Kelly saves Maziq


Women and Children!

Kelly saves the protesters


Hear me Roar

Kelly is a Tiger


You Have to Laugh

Kelly is a Jester


Public Broadcast

Kelly is edutainment


Playing Sandcastles

Kelly is a kid on the beach


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Información del juego

Plataforma: Xbox One

Desarrollador: Eko

Distribuidor: Eko

Fecha: 31 Julio 2018

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