XING: The Land Beyond

Trofeos XING: The Land Beyond

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Voices in the Water

Activate a Muse


The Beacons are Lit

Light the bonfire


Sky Shifter

Change the time of day


That's Not a Knife

Bring the arrowhead back to Lua's camp


Island Poet

Read every poem in Iztali Point



Feed a tadpole


Storm Bringer

Make it rain


Ohh Banana!

Find and pick up the golden banana. Insert monkey grunting noises


Forest Poet

Read every poem in Nahele Rain


Not My Cabbages!

Pick up a cabbage


Snow Caller

Start a snowfall


Mountain Poet

Read every poem in the Hyaku Lake


Wind Turner

Direct the wind


Desert Poet

Read every poem in the Desert of Naar


Key to the End

Open the Great Door of Zeneth


Nine Lives

Get Katherine's Yarn


Passing the Torch

Get Serafine's Torch


The Man, TheMyth, The Legend

Get Rowland's Sword


Mirror Mirror

Get Cassia's Mirror


The Quill is Mightier

Get Ibycus' Quill


A Bitter Pill

Get Keona's Kukri


A River Flows, a Frog Jumps

Get Orrin's Toy Frog



Get Zahara's Captain Hat


Rune Hunter

Get all 26 Golden Runes


A Good Leader

Get Rila's Golden Dragon


Hope Restored

Get the Eternal Branch