Logros y Trofeos 2064: Read Only Memories

Listado de logros y trofeos de 2064: Read Only Memories. Desbloquéalos todos.



A New Cyberpunk Adventure

A New Cyberpun Adventure



Completed Chapter 1


Tears in Rain

Completed Chapter 2


The Pale Rider

Completed the Media Arc


Cloak and Dagger

Completed the Flower Arc


No Turning Back

Completed Chapter 5


The Sacrifice

Completed Ending Two


A New Blue

Completed Ending Three



Completed Ending Four



Completed Ending Five


One More Good Day

Brought along an unhealthy snack



Checked your inbox and the paper before you slept


Put The Thing in the Doohickey

Puzzle your first puzzle


Ding Dong Ditch

Got lost and annoyed the neighbors



Wilty is lucky Turing stepped in



Strike out at the club on Hybrid Night


Worst Cab Ride Ever

Successfully trap a miscreant's taxi



You just can't leave plants well enough alone



That's one way to stock your fridge


No, I Don't Feel You

That would have made too much sense


Threat Neutralized

Get past the security ROMs without taking a scratch



Got killed by Dekker


Good Listener

Find and listen through all of Turing¡s lectures



You are very lucky!


Always The Best!

Try 10 different kinds of Hassy



Go on every drunken escapade



Lean a lot of wrestling moves


Brick by Useless Brick

Solve your problems peacefully


Clark Kent

Turned down the final mission



Bring WIlty back to outstanding health



Use the headphones to listen to the soundtrack



Listen to the entire soundtrack on the headphones


Sophisticated Taste

Try at least half of Stardust's drink menu


Too Sophisticated

You've had every drink at Stardust



You've talked to 100 things



You've looked at 100 things



You'¡ve used 100 things



You've used your items on 100 things


Iron ROM

Play through the game in a single session and never use a load or continue


Farewell, Old Friend

You finally found a use for it...


Cardinal of Combat

Beat the final boss in the Mega Phobetor arcade machine


Stop The Violence

Provoke a tough guy in the wrong part of town



Convince Lexi to help you with impressive speechcraft



Make use of your surroundings to access Lexi's credentials another way


Well, That Worked

Start a riot to clear Market Street


Hassy Hot Cups

Break their will to clear Market Street



Kept a cool head and worked things out



Called in for backup


Maybe It Just Needed A Little Love

Keep Wilty alive


You're Hopeless

Fail to save Wilty



Jess warmed up to you and agrees to help you in your final quest


Not a Cat Person?

Jess resents you and refuses to help you in your final quest


Cool Kid

The punks appreciate your patience and agree to help you in your final quest


Smell You Later

The punks are spooked and refuse to help you in your final quest


Hack the World

TOMCAT is your friend


Son of a Gun

TOMCAT resents you


Junior Deputy

Lexi is your friend


Bad Association

Lexi resents you



Get washed out of the drainage tunnels


Sewer Shark

Successfully navigate the drainage tunnels on the first try


We're Alphanumeric!

At the end of it all, you are close friends with Turing


No Heart To Break

At the end of it all, you are resented by Turing


All Good Things

Completed Ending One


Yule Be Back!

Played through Endless Christmas


Plasteel and Silica

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