Trofeos 2MD: VR Football

Listado de trofeos de 2MD: VR Football. Desbloquéalos todos.



Got the W

Win a Game


Big Bonus

Score 60 Points in a Game



Score a 20+ Yard Touchdown


Hot Streak

Get 10 Hot Streaks


Made Varsity

Complete The Tutorial


Ineligible Receiver

Hit the Mascot With a Football



Complete 50 Passes


No Pressure

Convert on 4th Down 5 Times


Full Roster

Unlock All Teams



Score 10 Touchdowns


Third Place

Win Round 5


Bigger Bonus

Score 80 Points in a Game


Buzzer Beater

Win a Game With no Time Left



Score a 40+ Yard Touchdown


More Like 1MD

Win a Game with 1 Minute Left


Two Rings One Ball

Hit Two Gold Rings With One Ball



Win Round 7


Runner Up

Win Round 6


Biggest Bonus

Score 100 Points in a Game



Score an 80+ Yard Touchdown



Complete 10 Consecutive Passes


Against All Odds

Overcome a Safety


QB Sneak

Run for a Touchdown



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