Logros y Trofeos 99Vidas

Listado de logros y trofeos de 99Vidas. Desbloquéalos todos.



The name is a lie...

Find out there's no such thing as 99lives


Haven't I seen you before?

Beat 99 of the same enemy type


A Winner is You...

Win a match on versus mode (either local or online)


The Originals

Finish the game with King, Izzy, Fries and Oak


The Warriors

Finish the game with Hannah, Trish, DeeDee and Rey


A quick message from our sponsors...

Finish the game with Mike and Dan



Finish the game with Sadiv66


Power of Love

Finish the game with a couple


This is so Izzy!

Finish the game with Izzy in the Izzy Difficulty Setting


Just normal...

Finish the game in the Normal Difficulty Setting


5-second rule

No germs are fast enough to keep you from grabbing a bite from the floor



Beat the First Boss


Bad Hair Day

Beat Miss Grace


It's fun to stay...

Beat the Second Boss


A dragon who can't fly

Beat the Third Boss


No Place for Jujus

Beat the Fourth Boss


In a Top 10, maybe #9...

Beat the Fifth Boss


You've got mail

Beat the Final Boss


Just chillin'

Acquire all upgrades for King


Faster than Bolt!

Acquire all upgrades for King


Can't stop the Rock!

Acquiere all upgrades for Fries


I'm on fire!

Acquiere all upgrades for Oak!


Girl Power

Acquire all upgrades for Hannah


It's Trish time!

Acquiere all upgrades for Trish


Record after record

Acquire all upgrades for DeeDee



Acquiere all upgrades for Rey



Acquiere all upgrades for Mike


The Power of Sand?!?!?

Acquire all upgrades for Sadiv66


Not so Hard...

Finish the game in the Hard Difficulty Setting


You've got a Friend

Finish the game with 2-4 players in co-op, either local or online


99lives... And counting...

Use a total of 99 lives in game (cumulative through multiple playthroughs)


Are we there yet?

Beat the Final Boss (Final Form)


Spoiler Alert!

Reach the First Bonus Stage


I am Error

Reach the Second Bonus Stage


I don't believe in Magic

Finish the Game without using Magic (Super)


Elite Player

Finish the game in the Elite Difficulty Setting


Show me the money!

Acquire all upgrades for all characters (unlockable included)


You, the Master of Unlocking...

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