Logros, Trofeos y Trucos A Hat in Time

Listado de logros y trofeos de A Hat in Time. Desbloquéalos todos.



Put a Badge On It

Put on your first badge!


Sequence Break

No hand-holding for you, apparently


360 no-feet

Do a 360 flip on the scooter!


False Detective

Make it through Murder on the Owl Express without finding any clues (you suck)!


Vacuum Vandal

Ride the vacuum!


Slip 'n Slide

Slide down a really long slope!


Take a Hike

Climb to the top of Subcon Forest's big mushroom!


Pillow Fort

Find Hat Kid's Secret Hideout!


Badge Master

Equip 3 badges!


A Series of Unfortunate Accidents

Knock off all the sitting Mafia in Mafia Town!


Let there be light

Light up the spaceship!


No Time to Explain

Complete Train Rush without dying or time bonuses!


Big Fan

Hook onto a ceiling fan with the hokshot!


If I fit, I sit

Sit in 3 chairs!


Secret Intruder

Make it through Dead Bird Studio without being seen at all!


True Detective

Find all Murder on the Owl Express clues!


Afraid of Water

Don't fall into the rising water in Subcon Well!


The Floor is Lava

Complete the Lava Cake peak without touching the lava at all!


The Perfect Parade

Complete The Big Parade without falling into the audience below!


Personally I Prefer the Air

Do 5 homing attacks in a row, without touching the ground!


Fueling the Feud

Get a total of 2.000 points in Battle of the Birds!


One Punch

Defeat any boss with the 1-hit hero badge equipped


Mafia Town - All clear!

Collect all Time Pieces in Mafia Town!


Subcon FOrest - All Clear!

Collect all Time Pieces in Subcon Forest!


Batte of the Birds - All clear!

Collect all Time Pieces in Battle of the Birds!


Alpine Skyline - All clear!

Collect all Time Pieces in Alpine Skylie!


Return Home

Collect all Time Pieces!


Small child, big trophy

Consigue el resto de trofeos del juego


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Sombrero especial


Hay un sombrero especial que está disponible consiguiendo todas las piezas de tiempo. Tras hacerlo, la siguiente vez que visites la nave espacial Hat Kid, la alerta de intruso sonará y aparecerá una caja de regalo en la habitación con el "Completionist Hat" dentro.