Trofeos Age of Zombies

Listado de trofeos de Age of Zombies. Desbloquéalos todos.



Darwin Award

You Finished World 1 (Prehistoric)


Babyface Barry

You finished World 2 (The 1930's)


Mummies I'd like to frag

You finished World 3 (Egypt)


Barry San

You finished World 4 (Japan)


To the future and back

You finished World 5 (Future)


New Sheriff in Town

You finished World 6 (Western)


You are Barry Steakfries

Finish the game without dying once



You finished a level by only firing the pistol


Supersized combo

You earned a 100x or more combo from any weapon pickup


Frag Out

You killed 10 zombies with a single grenade


Mowing the Grass

You killed 50 zombies with a Buzzsaw



Get 75% or greater accuracy on any Chapter



You killed 20 zombies without moving


Immunity Idol

Survive to Wave 15 on any Survival mode map



Finish the Story Mode in one sitting without having to use a continue