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Baby league

Beat the first level


Useless score

Make less than 4.200 points in Arcade mode



Catch a total of 500 balls


Not this way!

Catch a ball with your hoop upside-down



Lose to a bowlilng ball


It's bad.

Make the lowest score possible in Arcade mode


Amateur league

Beat the first match (level 1-5)


Semi pro league

Beat the second match (level 2-5)


Wicked score

Make at least 15.000 points in Arcade mode


Keep going!

Catch a total of 1.500 balls



Miss no balls in Arcade mode



Make a rimshot worth at least 1.000 points



Catch a ball at 180 degrees from the trajectory


You're on fire!

Set your hoop on fire!


Pro league

Beat the third match (level 3-5)


Master League

Beat all the levels


Ultimate score

Make more than 30.000 in Arcade mode


What a muscular neck!

Catch a total of 5.000 balls


No pain, no gain

Catch a total of 10.000 balls in any mode


Gold digger

Get all the Levels stars


Ultimate hoop

Play using the biggest fire hoop possible!


The student became the master

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