Logros y Trofeos Breathedge

Listado de logros y trofeos de Breathedge. Desbloquéalos todos.



Quick draw

Consigue todos los trofeos del juego


BDSM fan club

Yes, yes, I want more! Use me as a chair! Oh, yeah!


Chicken dielectric

An immortal Chicken on a stick makes an excellent dielectric



If you're holding something in your hands, then you can hit youirself with it. Try it, it's fun



The artist can offend and draw anyone. Usually this happens simultaneously



It's warm in underpants, and you can hibernate in winter if you have a whole lot of them!



You can solve any case if you know for sure who you want to blame


Small puffs of gas

It's indecent to fart on Earth, but farting in space can save your life



The dead guy doesn't need the eye, but you have only two of them



Fly through all the rings!


A complete idi...

It's quite difficult to describe this achievement. On your head be it.


Almost served

When you jogged for three days in a row, prepared yourself mentally to serve in army


Vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner can not only help to clean the aprtment quickly but can also rush through space



Labor turned ape into a... more muscular ape



It's a bad thing to destroy the whole garbage collecting infrastucture for selfish purposes



The dead people flying around are highly unlikely to say "wow!" to your highly polished brand new ZA



If you mess around with electricity for a long time, you might get immune to it. Probably.


Complete Chapter 2

Completing the second chapter will be almost as difficult as compelting the third one


Complete Chapter 3

Complething the third chapter will b ealmost as difficult as completing the second one


Trust me, I'm an engineer

Someone else's pass works just like someone else's diploma: it allows you to connect to terminals



The ignition of natural gas can cause not only a heated argument on some online forum



It would be an awful thing to open coffins if we weren't talking about their back panel


A contributor to the industry

Congratulations! If you didn't cheat, then you are helping the industry to develop!



Scanning the dead product of genetic engineering will help the spacesuit to replenish its library



It's very easo to determine a person's mental disorder by the color of his spacesuit


A rebel

You are a rebel at heart, a rebel by nature, and a rebel by horoscope



It may seem that making a hundred or two shots is not so difficult



Attacking a security robot is a felony, even if no one saw you do it



It's really easy to herd cows in space


Heroic deed

There's no point in heroically covering a barrel of a beam weapon with your chest


The Power of the Unicorn

You are immune to criticism. You are simply the best


Coffin Counter

Finding and counting dead coffin robots is an interesting and extremely educational activity



If you press any non-working button persistently, something will definitely happen


The breathtaking!

Believing in yoursel and never giving up



Living coffins are no joke


A menace to cows

Properly disposing of synthetic animal corpses


The Revenant

Every survivor deserves an Oscar. SO it goes


Machine gunner

Shooting a machine gun is easy



Being able to orientate yourself is an extremely important skill for any traveler


Think with your own head

One can listen to other people's advice forever, but it's much more valuable to think with your head


Mumbo jumbo

You can trust nobody! Nobody! Except us


The right choice

Sometimes, among a thousand of options, only one is the right one



A man's palms say more than the backs of his hands, elbows, or navel



Spying on people is indecent, and spying on dead people is doubly indecent. Probably



Not everyone can save the galaxy, but saving it by just sitting on the couch is beyond comprehension