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Defeat The Business

"I'm The Business. That's why I'm proper hitting you in the face"


Defeated The Squeeze

"Mama's gonna knock you out!"


Defeated Cold Shoulder

"Sorry if I appear a little... frosty. It's what I do"


Defeated Big Ben

"Easy, and to an extent, peasy!"


Crime Fighter in Training

Completed your first mission


Two is Company

Unlocked Felicity


Three is a Crowd

Unlocked Betty


The Awesome Foursome

Unlocked Max - the team is complete


Defeated Tim Ferno

"Let's just say, you can't hold a candle to me"


Defeated The Astonishing Bulk

"Feel my dislike of you!"


Defeated Mindy Powers

"This is going to hurt you more than it'll hurt me!"


Defeated Dynamite Masterfist

"I also invented the pizza wheel"


Defeated Photon

"I have the power to be... over there!"


Defeated Prime Sinister

"But no. You must die. You all must die"