Dungeon Defenders II

Logros y Trofeos Dungeon Defenders II

Listado de logros y trofeos de Dungeon Defenders II. Desbloquéalos todos.



Forgot to Heal

Happens to everyone once


Bomb Squad

Derrota a 100 Kobolds befre they light their fuse


Dig Dugged

Derrota 50 Witherbeasts before they finish burrowing


Triggered My Trap Cart

Activate 100 Environmental traps


Talon Guard

Reach Level 25 on four heroes


Etheria Defense Force

Reach Level 50 on four heroes


The Zapper

Deal 5.000.000 damage with Lightning Auras


Shoots Da Fire

Deal 5.000.000 damage with Flamethrower Towers


Clever Girl

Deal 5.000.000 damage with Explosive Traps


Buster Cannon

Deal 5.000.000 damage with Cannonball Towers


Defender of Etheria

Complete the Campaign! Finish the Harbinger Quest!