Gal*Gunvolt Burst

Trofeos Gal*Gunvolt Burst

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Welcome to the VR World

Clear the opening stage


The mightiest of all

Defeat all 8 of the Mighty Numbers


Up close and personal

Defeat a boss using Burst



Get a Burst Combo of 10+ & clear a stage



Clear a stage without using any Bursts


Primed and ready

Clear a stage with 1.500+ CP of equipment


Geared Up

Clear a stage with 2.000+ CP of equipment


Credit where credit's due

Earn a score of 1.000 during the credits


We are mighty

Clear the game as Beck



Clear the game as Gunvolt


Elite Angel

Clear the game as Ekoro


Not even a scratch

Clear a stage without taking any damage


Full Marks

Clear a stage with an "S" rank



Get a Burst Combo of 30+ & clear a stage


Get equipped

Clear a stage with 4.000+ CP of equipment


Up the ante

Clear the game on Hard difficulty


Super Sprinter

Clear the game in under 1 hour


In your element

Beat all bosses using their weaknesses



Get a Burst Combo of 50+ & clear a stage


Fully decked out

Clear a stage with 6.000+ CP of equipment


Sticking with it

Clear all stages using Custom Slot No. 1


No time wasted

Beat the final stage in under 10 minutes


Burst Master

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