Hill Climb Racing 2

Logros Hill Climb Racing 2

Listado de logros de Hill Climb Racing 2. Desbloquéalos todos.



Warmed Up!

Gana 10 carreras


Nice Cups!

Gana 5 carreras



Envía un desafío


Challenge Accepted

Gana un desafío


Water Run

Conduce 10.000 metros


Just Getting Started

Califícate para Bronce I


Can't Go Wrong With More Bronze

Califícate para Bronce II


Price of Bronze is Up, Sell Sell!

Califícate para Bronce III


Earning Them Fliplegs!

Haz 10 flips


Should Post a Video of These Flips

Haz 50 flips


They Call Me the Rotator

Haz 10 backflips


I'm a Backwardsman, a Backwards Man

Haz 50 backflips


That Hurt!

Haz 5 neckflips


I Need More Cups!

Desbloquea todas las copas


Driving Where No Bill has Gone Before!

Desbloquea todas las pistas de aventura


Double the Fun

Equipa 2 partes tuneadas a un vehículo


Tuning 101

Mejora una parte a nivel 2


Made The Grade

Califícate para la carrera



Gana 100 carreras


How Many Cups Is Enough?

Gana 50 copas


Bring It On

Gana 20 desafíos


Milk Run

Conduce 100.000 metros



Califícate para Silver I


Making It Look Easy

Califícate para Silver II



Califícate para Silver III


I'm Going to Throw Up

Haz 100 flips


I Go Back as Fast as I an

Haz 100 backflips


I Don't Think This Is Healthy

Haz 10 neckflips


Car Connoisseur

Compra todos los vehículos


Totally Pimped Out

Mejora por completo un vehículo


Release the Full Potential

Equipa una parte tuneable en todos los huecos


Lossing Is for Losers

Gana 1.000 carreras


I Need a New Cup Cabinet

Gana 500 copas


Can't Run That Far, So I Drive

Conduce 1.000.000 metros


Time to Get a Golden Tooth

Califícate para Gold I


Or Maybe a Golden Car?

Califícate para Gold II


A Castle Made of Gold!

Califícate para Gold III


I'm Immortal!

Haz 50 neckflips


Parts Collector

Consigue todas las partes tuneables de un vehículo


Tuning Expert

Mejora una parte a nivel 5


Racing God

Gana 10.000 carreras


All Your Cups Are Belong to Me!

Gana 5.000 copas


Challenge Champ

Gana 100 desafíos


I Expect Great Things Here

Califícate para Platinum I


Platinum Times 2 Equals Progress!

Califícate para Platinum II


My Platinum Is Better Than Yours

Califícater para Platinum III


Things Are Looking Up!

Califícate para Diamond I


Where Can I Cash In All These Diamonds?

Califícate para Diamond II


Diamonds Shows I Care

Califícate para Diamond III


Tuning Master

Mejora una parte a nivel 10


I Am Legend

Califícate para Legendary


Tuning Legend

Mejora una parte a nivel 15