Logros y Trofeos Hot Wheels: Unleashed 2 - Turbocharged

Listado de logros y trofeos de Hot Wheels: Unleashed 2 - Turbocharged. Desbloquéalos todos.




Complete the tutorial race



Perform 20 jumps with any vehicle


Out of control

Perform 10 lateral dashes with any vehicle


Drifting teacher

Drift for 500.000 centimeters (196,850 inches) in total


Like lightning!

Use the Boost for 30 minutes in total


Now try online

Win a Quick Race on Hard AI difficulty



Complete a race in every environment (except the Track Room)


Versatile riding

Complete a race in every offline mode



Reach the podium 25 times in any mode (not unlockable in Split Screen mode)


Drift champ

Complete 10 races in Drift Challenge mode


It's me you have to beat

Complete 10 races in Quick Race mode



Complete 10 races in Elimination mode


Look, Mom! No track!

Complete 5 races in Stage Race mode



Reach the podium with a Rocket, Off-Road, Balanced, Drifter, Swift, and Heavy Duty vehicle


Terror of the Road

Reach the podium 100 times (not unlockable in Split Screen mode)


Stage animal

Validate a track in Track Builder mode



Complete a Quick Race in Multiplayer mode


International license

Complete 10 races in any online mode


Well begun...

Complete the Unleashed Goal of an Event in Career mode


Challenge accepted!

Accept the challenge of a Racepad Challenge in Career mode


I'm in charge here!

Complete all goals of an area in Career mode


The Octopus

Defeat the first Boss in Career mode


The Scorpion

Defeat the second Boss in Career mode


The Terrordactyl

Defeat the thid Boss in Career mode


The Yeti

Defeat the fourth Boss in Career mode


The Nitro Bot

Defeat the fifth Boss in Career mode


Extreme conditions

Complete the goal of a Racepad Extreme in Career mode


Can you keep a secret?

Obtain a "Secret" vehicle


...Is half done

Get half of the Collection vehicles (DLC excluded)


Eagle eye

Get all the "Super Treasure Hunt" vehicles


Shopping time!

Make a purchase at the Shop



Buy 25 vehicles at the Shop


Spin the wheel

Spin the Hot Wheels Spin for the first time


Beyond the limit

Upgrade the type of any vehicle


Extra gear

Equip any vehicle with a skill



Upgrade the type of a vehicle to Ultimate


Better too much

Equip any duplicate vehicle with 7 skills


Spoiled for choice

Buy all the skills of a vehicle


Tools of the trade

Get all the Track Builder Modules


A little nest egg

Earn 100,000 Coins in total


You're good at this!

Reach level 50


Magic trick

Reach a new Prestige level


Mission complete

Complete your first Unleashed Mission