Job Simulator

Trofeos Job Simulator

Listado de trofeos de Job Simulator. Desbloquéalos todos.



Culinary Completionist

Finish the Gourmet Chef job


Maniac Mechanic

Finish the Auto Mechanic job


Champion of Convenience

Finish the Store Clerk job


Cubicle Cowboy

Finish the Office Worker job


Job Genie

Play any job with a Job Genie cartridge



Make soup with soup in it


You Monster

Shred the JobBot toy in the Office Worker job


Give Yourself a Hand

Grab the hidden glove in the Auto Mechanic job


Lucky Winner

Scratch off a winning lottery ticket in the Store Clerk job


Giving Back

Hit JobBot with any item in the Museum


Know Your Maker

Read through the credits


Platinum Propietor

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