Logros y Trofeos Undipsuted

Listado de logros y trofeos de Undipsuted. Desbloquéalos todos.



Call Me Captain

Throw 10.000 Hooks


Just Doing My Jab

Throw 10.000 Jabs


Up and Onto the Next

Throw 10.000 Uppercuts


Saved by the Bell

Surive a dazed state by the skin of your teeth (Round end)


Committed to the cause

Win one prize fight


A Real Hitman

Knock out any AI opponent on pro difficulty or greater in less than a minute


Caught Red Handed

Lose a fight due to fouls/ref stoppage


Cheap Shot

Get a Knockdown with an illegal shot


I Could Do This All Day

Win a fight after getting knocked down 5 times


Is There a Doctor in the House

Win a fight by an injury stoppage


I Never Miss

Finish a fight with 66% or higher accuracy (with at least 30 punches)


A Truly Unanimous Victory

Win every round of a fight that goes for 8+ rounds


A Cut Above the Rest

Win a fight after having sustained a bad cut (8+ rounds played)


Thrilla Not in Manilla

Win an 8+ round fight that has Joe Frazier vs Muhammad Ali


It's Over 80.000

Win an 8+ round fight that has George Groves vs Carl Froch


At The Buzzer!

Win a fight by knockout on the final round (8+ rounds)


The Best Ever

Achievea a 51-0-0 career record


Immovable Object

Win 10 consecutive title defense fights


Welcome to the big leagues

Go professional in career mode


Everybody wants a payday

Earn at least 750.000 from a single fight


Every Expert began as an amateur

Win the amateur Tournament


Must have really needed it

Successfull pass a negotiation where you take 70%+ of the purse


Knockout Merchant

Achieve 80% KO ratio with at least 30 Fights in Career Mode



Hold all the World belts in a single wieight class in career mode


Peak fitness!

Sign up to an A tier Gym


It begins here

Get your first win as a professional boxer


I don't want to play with you anymore

Break a contract early with a staff member


A champ in the making

Win a national title (any weight class)


Bigger and Better

Win a continent title (any weight class)


Big Shot

Win a world title (any weight class)


Wanna Take This Online?!

Participate in an online fight for the first time


Going Worldwide

Win your first online fight


Just Warming Up

Have your 10th online fight


I've been around

Hve your 50th online fight


Show Stopper

Break an opponent's win-streak of 3 or more matches in online ranked matches


Can't be Touched

Get yourself a win-streak of 5 online matches


Oh My God, It Even Has a Watermark

Customse your player card