Atelier Meruru Plus: The Apprentice of Arland

Trofeos Atelier Meruru Plus: The Apprentice of Arland

Listado de trofeos de Atelier Meruru Plus: The Apprentice of Arland. Desbloquéalos todos.



One Normal Day

Let Keina help you change at the workshop


Stars Never Change

Gaze at a starry night sky with Keina and reminisce about the past


Brothers Together

Witness Lias bask in the glow of Rufus's approval


Atelier Totori (Current)

Hear the stories of Miss Totori and her friends


Pie Shop Opens

Construct a Pie Shop and visit with Rorona


Look into the Past

Glimpse Gio lost in though at the fort


Certain Sisters

Take a peek at Filly and Esty's intimate sisterhood



Find Rufus and Sterk getting along at the tavern


End of the Duel

Encounter a master-pupil showdown between Sterk and Gino


Friendship, Love

Help Totori and Mimi get along


Drunkard Legend EX

Suffer the indignity of a drunk's advances at the tavern


Rorona Introduction

Watch as a legendary alchemist and her troupe visit the workshop


Masked Man Reappears

Run into Arland's manly masked crusader


Secret Tea Party

Stumble upon Rufus's solitary tea time


Waterside Encounter

Discover Hanna as she bathes


How Do I Look...?

Force Keina to wear some princessly clothes


Girl's Bath

Visit the hot spring with a group of all girls


Admission Ceremony

Reach the initial goal and help Arls merge with Arland


Ominous Box

Battle the coffin-bound monster in the mine and emerge victorious


One from the Sky

Ascend to the ancient city and cast down the ruler of the sky


God of the Forest

Put the energetic spirit of the tree into an eternal slumber


Presence of the Flame

Subdue the Volcano Incarnate


Changing the Past

Bring closur to the tragedy of Arls


Closer to God

Stare into the abyss and win out against the evil goddess


Mutated Monster

Brought peace to the forest by defeating the transformed spirit


Resurrected Demon

Defeated all of the returned demons


Bully Bunny

Taught that unruly rabbit a lesson


Alchemy Triplets

Defeated the fake Meruru and her party


Disciple of the Goddess

Achieved victory after enduring the attack of the Dragon


Master of Mechanics

Stopped the entity from another dimension


Changing Room Cheer

Changed clothes in the dressing room


Castle Life

Return to your boring life in the castle


A Rich Nation

Make Arls rich, developing it into an agricultural powerhouse


Now, Go Bravely

Arm Arls to the teeth and take command of it all


Finally, As Planned

Make friends with the forever-14 Rorolina Frixell


Boy's Bath

Transform Arls into a grand vacation paradise



Take Arl's population to the limit and turn it into a superpower


Strongest Princess

Become a hero and the land's strongest princess


Witch's Tea Party

Master alchemy and together become feared as the Four Witches


Miss Popular

Gain popularity with everyone



Become an alchemist of Arland and open Atelier Meruru


Meruru Statue Complete!

Construct a statue of Meruru to mark your achievements


About time

Finally got Rorona back to normal


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