Death Mark

Trofeos Death Mark

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Death Mark

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Kujou Mansion

Frightened by the realization of inescapable death


Mark Bearer

Frightened by the existence of Mark Bearers who share the same fate


Soul Power

Frightened by a talisman that holds Soul Power


Deadly Choice

Frightened by the choice of advancing death


The First Spirit

Frightened by the creeping Hanahiko and the Mark


Hanahiko Destroyed

Witnessed the burning demise of Hanahiko's grudge


Hanahiko Saved

Witnessed Hanahiko's intense spite come to an end


End of Chapter 1

Learned the horrifying history of Hanahiko


The Second Spirit

Frightened by the looming Shimi-O and the Mark


Shimi-O Destroyed

Witnessed Shimi-O's dissolving demise


Shimi-O Saved

Witnessed Shimi-O's heartbreaking wish come to an end


End of Chapter 2

Learned the ghastly history of Shimi-O and the Honey Bee Family


The Third Spirit

Frightened by Hanayome advancing and the Mark


Hanayome Destroyed

Witnessed Hanayome's regretful demise


Hanayome Saved

Witnessed Hanayome's thoughts and feelings come to an end


End of Chapter 3

Learned of the strange bond between Hanayome and her fiance


Mary and the Black Rabbit

Frigthened by the mysterious tragedy that took place at Kujou Mansion


The Fourth Spirit

Frigthened by Miss Zoo's intense passion and the Mark


Miss Zoo Destroyed

Witnessed Miss Zoo's raging demise


Miss Zoo Saved

Witnessed Miss Zoo's madness come to an end


End of Chapter 4

Learned the insane history of Miss Zoo


The Fifth Spirit

Frightened by the elusive Kannon Soldier and the Mark


Kannon Soldier Destroyed

Witnessed the Kannon Soldier's loathing demise


Kannon Soldier Saved

Witnessed the Kanon Soldier come to a touching end


End of Chapter 5

Learned the history of the Kannon Soldier and the underground shelter


Normal Ending

Frightened by the final showdown and the resulting fate


Good Ending

Frighened by the final showdown, but hopeful for the future


Red Riding Hood Destroyed

Witnessed Red Riding Hood's poisonous demise


Red Riding Hood Saved

Witnessed Red Riding Hood¡s sorrowful sentiment come to an end


End of Chapter 6

Learned of the repulsive deeds that gave rise to Red Riding Hood