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Logros y Trofeos Descenders

Listado de logros y trofeos de Descenders. Desbloquéalos todos.



Descenders Master

Consigue todos los trofeos del juego


Into The Woods

Reach the forest


The Rampage Begins

Reach the canyon


The Final Challenge

Reach the peaks


Made It

Finish peaks boss jump


True Descender

Start to finish run


The Golden Run

Full session without bails


It Begins

Get sponsored by a team (1.000 REP)


Carving a Path

Get 10.000 REP


Found Your Flow

Get 50.000 REP


Ain't No Scrub

Get 250.000 REP


Get Some Gear

Unlock 10 items


It's Getting Cluttered in Here

Unlock 25 items


Quite a Collection

Unlock 50 items





Gap in the Market

Complete 10 mini-bosses


Show em who's Boss

Survive a boss jump


The training was worth it

Jump over the train


Represent your style

Complete a team mode


Dialed in

Unlock a shortcut


Flipping Heck

Land a double frontflip


Every Axis

Land a 360 frontflip


Getting Dizzy

Land a 720 double backflip


Speed Demon

Reach 100 km/h


Pull my finger

Use the Whoope cushion 200 times


Don't look down

Complete boss jump in Volcano


Go the extra mile

Complete all bonus worlds


Flying finish

Finish a level after bailing



Complete a sponsorship


Bring a friend

Finish a level together with someone else


Get the gang together

Finish a session with 3 different crew members


You're still here?

Finish the credits


What a legend

Finish career+ in one session