Ghost Sweeper

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From the dark

Escape from the Dark Woods


Step in silent

A Weird Tower Escaped


Ashes to ashes

Finally, I'm running away from this graveyard


Dust to dust

Will o'the wisp and then what?


Behind the wall

Ancient Gate a nightmare or a great adventure?


From down to top

A haunted courtyard not as expected


The Last Stand

A cold welcome is something you may not welcome


Something is missing

Reevaluation of the null progress. You can do much better



You are there. Almost


Happy End

Are you sure this is the end of your adventure?


Hidden path

Are you sure there is only this?


The Red Star

Collected your first red star and ready for many more


Star Seeker

100 stars is more than what you started with continue to collect more


Star Gazer

220 stars is long way from when you started. On to more stars to reach the goal



Congratulations you have collected all the stars


Vampire killer

Your first vampire



Collected 100 diamonds - they are shining so bright


Full power

Congratulations, you did it


Super Star Total

Congratulations. You got them all


Hidden path 2 Hero Path

Hidden path 2 Hero Path only for the selected few