Logros y Trofeos Neverwinter

Listado de logros y trofeos de Neverwinter. Desbloquéalos todos.



A Hero Emerges

Reach level 10 with one character



Defeat 500 Aberrations


Adventure of a Lifetime

Complete the tutorial



Equip an artifact



Defeat 500 bandits


Barrow Scholar

Learn all about the Barrows



Earn 50.000 Astral Diamonds on one character


By Your Side

Collect a companion


Cornering Karzov

Complete the quest: Cornering Karzov


Daily Affirmation

Learn about invocation



Defeat 500 Devils



Defeat 50 Dragons



Defeat 500 Drow



Complete 10 normal dungeons


Eye Chirurgeon

Stand eye to eye with greatest fears


Faith in the Fallen

Take a leap of faith


Fists of the Warband

Complete the quest: Fists of the Warband



Defeat 500 Foulspawn



Defeat 50 Giants



Defeat 500 Goblins


Grimstorm Keep

Complete the quest: Grimstorm Keep


Illithid Enclavef

Complete the quest: Illithid Enclave



Defeat 500 Kobolds


Let's Ride!

Equip a mount



Defeat 500 Lizardfolk



Defeat 500 Lycanthropes



Defeat 500 Orcs


Plague Tower

Complete the quest: Plague Tower


Scoundrel's Retreat

Complete the quest: Scoundrel's Retreat


Source of Corruption

Complete the quest: Source of Corruption



Defeat 500 Spiders


Temple of the Primordial

Complete the quest: Temple of the Primordial


The Clockwork Tomb

Complete the quest: The CLockwork Tomb


The Drowned King

Complete the quest: The Drowned King


The Edge of the Underdark

Complete the quest: The Edge of the Underdark


The Icy Guardian

Complete the quest: The Icy Guardian


The Sanatorium

Complete the quest: The Sanatorium


The Shadow Falls

Complete the quest: The Shadow Falls



Defeat 50 trolls



Defeat 1.000 undead


Evil Dragon Godesses Not Welcome

[DLC Legendary Adventures] Defeat Tiamat


Legendary Hero

[DLC Legendary Adventures] Reach Level 70 with one character


Tamer of Demogorgon

[DLC Legendary Adventures] Earn Gold victory in Demogorgon


Castle Never

[DLC Legendary Adventures] Complete the Epic Dungeon, Castle Never


Maze Master

[DLC Legendary Adventures] Complete the Maze Engine campaign


Friendly Goliath

[DLC Legendary Adventures] Learn everything there is to know about Lans Thuliaga, the goliath warrior


Scrying Cold Run

[DLC Storm King's Thunder] Found all three Scrying Stones in Cold Run


Fangbreaker Island

[DLC Storm King's Thunder] Complete the dungeon "Fangbreaker Island"


I'm a Lumberjack

[DLC Storm King's Thunder] Chop down 25 trees in Lonelywood with a single character


Master of Svardborg

[DLC Storm King's Thunder] Ensure no players die in the trial, Svardborg (Master)


Trophy Fisherman

[DLC Storm King's Thunder] Catch 50 large fish in Sea of Moving Ice with a single character


Storm King's Champion

[DLC Storm King's Thunder] Complete the Storm King's Thunder Campaign


Far Realm Denier

[DLC The Cloaked Ascendancy] Earn all relevant achievements in the instances for the campaign "The Cloaked Ascendancy"


Vault Dweller

[DLC The Cloaked Ascendancy] Explore 50 random vaults in the River District


Fall of the Cloaked Ascendancy

[DLC The Cloaked Ascendancy] Complete Spellplague Caverns (Master)



[DLC Shroud of Souls] Indulge in some of the finest drinks the Sword Coast has to offer


Volo's Guide to Monsters Vol. III

[DLC Tomb of Annihilation] Complete all the 3 Star hunts in Soshenstar River


Chieftain of Chult

[DLC Tomb of Annihilation] Complete the Jungles of Chult Campaign


It's Not Their Fault They're Undead

[DLC Tomb of Annihilation] Avoid killing all of Acererak's Tomb Dwarf Servants in the Tomb of the Nine Gods


Bump in the Night

Defeat 1 Beholder, 1 Gelatinous Cube, and 1 Mimic with the same character


Epic Hero

Reach level 60 with a hero


Paragon Hero

Reach level 30 with one character



Collect 250 pieces of lore


Would you look at it? Just look at it!

Discover all scrying stones in 14 zones


Double Legend

[DLC Legendary Adventures] Reach Level 70 on Two Characters


Four Dead Dragons!

[DLC Legendary Adventures] Defeat all four dragons in the Dragonflight in a single encounter


Master of Demogorgon

[DLC Legendary Adventures] Earn Gold victory in Demogorgon (Master)


Soul Survivor

[DLC Shroud of Souls] Stop Morlanth of the Shroud from raising the spirits of the Neverwinter Nine


Dragon's Bane

Defeat 1.000 Dragons


Dungeon Master

Complete 25 epic dungeons



Reach level 60 with two heroes


Master of the Realm

Consigue el resto de trofeos del juego


Savior of Port Nyanzaru

[DLC Tomb of Annihilation] Achieve Gold in the Merchant Prince's Folly Skirmish


Proven Challenger

[DLC Tomb of Annihilation] Win 50 PvP matches


Capture Vanguard

[DLC Tomb of Annihilation] Capture 500 capture points in PvP


No God Too Small

[DLC Tomb of Annihilation] Make offerings to the Nine Trickster Gods in Omu


Cradle of the Death God

[DLC Tomb of Annihilation] Complete Cradle of the Death God


Rampaging Ruins

[DLC Tomb of Annihilation] Complete the Jungles of Chult Campaign in Omu


Dawning Light

[DLC Ravenloft] Complete the Ravenloft Campaing


Barovian Hero

[DLC Ravenloft] Complete all Heroic Encounters in Barovia


Master Hunter

[DLC Ravenloft] Complete all 10 hunts in Barovia


The Stone is in Another Bank

[DLC Acquisitions Incorporated] Achieve Gold in the Manycoins Bank Heist Skirmish



[DLC Acquisitions Incorporated] Complete the Acquisitions Incorporated Campaign


Gate Breaker

[DLC Undermountain] Complete the Undermountain Campaign


Scrying Undermountain

[DLC Undermountain] Find all 16 Scrying Stones in Undermountain


Player of the Mad Mage

[DLC Undermountain] Complete Dungeon: Lair of the Mad Mage