No Heroes Allowed!

Trofeos No Heroes Allowed!

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Debut of Destruction

You've taken Cornerial Castle! I hereby award you with this trophy t commend your tutorial-clearing acumen


Enough Tutorials Already

Hayeu Castle has been spirited away to the Netherworld. Soon shall its denizens learn that their animosity was a mistake


Back for Seconds

Squeeze every last drop of fun out of the game until nothing but a joyless husk remains! This trophy is awarded on clearing a stage for the second time


A New Monster Draws Near!

Feel like you've reached a dead end, my Lord? Perhaps you could try upgrading monsters at the Nethergarden


In a Bind

I think I've said enough on the subject already, but please do stop letting the heroes into the tower, my Lord. Freeing myself from captivity is hard enough, but scaling the walls to get back into my lair really does take it out of me... *wheeze*


Eager for that Egress

You seem to have an unusual interest in the door to my lair, my Lord. I'm not sure what you're expecting; I don't get any guests aside from the odd invading hero


Mark of Shame

I'm curious to know what you were planning to do to Badmella, my Lord, but perhaps I'd better not ask. For now, please enjoy this trophy, a permanent mark on your record. (If this is the first trophy you unlock, we will have words.)


Sticking to the Script?

Oh dear! While you were staring into the distance, enjoying the wonders of VR, one of those heroes went and picked up a legendary-looking sword. You know, my Lord, there's no need to artificially raise the difficulty


Got an Eyeful

Thrusting one's head inside an active volcano can be dangerous, my Lord. Perhaps I should have informed you that there are no monsters to summon dwelling inside


Cooling Your Head

O God of Destruction, you are an eccentric one. I know that VR doesn't offer tactile senstions, but I hope that shoving your face into a raging virtual blizzard was a refleshingly bracing as you thought it might be


Continental Conquest

Wylia Castle has been seized, and with this conquest, we've reached a milestone - an entire continent under MY rule!


Doom of the Dunes

Rabanas Castle is ours! Oh, happy day - perhaps I'll spread the good word throughout town. I'm Overlord Bad von Mannenburg! Don't believe Shota's lies


Scorched Earth

Goro Castle has surrended! Have another trophy for your collection. With this victory, half of the entire world has succumbed to the Netherworld's embrace


Super God of Destruction II Turbo

It'll do my confidence wonders to see the bravura display of a G.O.D. that knows what they're doing. Perhaps you could try getting an S-Rank score, my Lord?


2-Byte Heroes with 8-Bit Souls

These heroes spring up like weeds, no matter how many you slay. I daresay you must have slain 256 of the pests by now, which is a good enough milestone as many for a trophy. (Fear not, my Lord, there is no trophy for slaughtering 53,594 of them.)


The Three Hundred

A seething horde of monsters is ready and willing to commit unspeakable deeds in your name should you but give the word, my Lord. Awe-inspiring, simply awe-inspiring. Makes me glad to be middle-managing the opration from a safe istance in my tower. Ah, yes! it seems you've sent a total of 300 monsters into battle now. Have a trophy


Hand of G.O.D.

You're not simply ordering monsters on Demonic Charges and then leaving them to their own devices, are you, my Lord? No, surely not. I can see right here that you've used your G.O.D. Skills at least 50 times, so you must be getting some use out of them


Mind Your Maras

Summon a Mara and have it smash a hero into paste. Smooth or crunchy, either is acceptable


The Dragon, Born

I see you how command a Dragon, the draconic doyen of the onster horde! Fear not, my Lord, the wyrms that serve us have been trained to do their business far from the tower


Rocking the Dragon Orb

Collect all of the dragon orbs. Doing so won't grant your wishes, but at least you'll get a snazzy trophy


Lightning Strikes

Wonderful, O God of Destruction! You took out an unsuspecting hero with a single Bolt from the Blue! You might very well have used up your good luck, so I would be wary about RNG-based gmae mechanics for a while


No Secrets Codes Allowed

Were you confused that the game started just like normal, even though you mashed L1 and R1 at the title screen? Did you try doing it faster, perhaps? Maybe try the pause screen, hmm? Ah, but I am glad that you're still dedicated to the challenge, my Lord - I mean, I assume you didn't just look up how to get this trophy. Well, here it is. You can stop looking for secrets now, because there aren't any. There, there, Your Destructiveness - at least you have this commemorative trophy. Adieu!


Frozen Wastes

Wunett Castle didn't stand a ghost of a chance against you, O God of Destruction! Hm? The monsters did all the work, you say? Fear not, my Lord, I know exactly how it is


Labyrinth of the Netherworld Tree

We've trounced the foolhardy heroes of Pandoro Castle! And yet, my Lord, I have a bad feeling about this...


May the World Know No Peace!

Our conquest of the world is complete! I've already expressed my heartfelt admiration and gratitude for your efforts, my Lord, so perhaps a single "congratulations" will do here. Oh, and you can have this trophy too


What? SLIMEMOSS is Evolving!

Upgrade a monster to the highest level, then revel in your power! Or rather, reel in the power of the onster, hopefully without ultimately being destroyed by your own creation in an ironic twist of fate


Loot and Scoot

If I see a chest left by the roadside that doesn't need a key, you can bet your bottom Netherdollar that I0m going to open it. And I see that you0ve opened 50 of them yourself so far - very thorough ideed, my Lord


Dedicated to Destruction

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