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... and the heavens shook

Defeated Mimic, Edgar, Freia and Freia's final forms without retrying


The way I like to play

Built your first custom arsenal


I dub thee...

Created a custom name for an arsenal


You did this to yourself

Completed the "Fire of Gehenna" mission without taking damage


Abundance of Memory

Defeated The Abundance of Memory


... a fleeting memory

Defeated The Abundance of Memory without retrying


On-point reactions

Successfully used defenses against at least 5 incoming attacks in one match


Only a dream can kill a dream

Won a match while playing as a monster


Aspiring gourmet

Collected all the cooking recipes (Memory boxes 139, 140, 141)



Did more than 20 damage to an enemy with one attack


Arsenal burner

Picked up at least 26 capsules in a single match


Three times the fun

Won a match with a three-school arsenal



Used at least one skill from each school


Hard-earned victory

Completed a mission with 1 hitpoint remaining


Case diversity

Bought at least one of each arsenal case type


Have I done this before?

Reached Chapter 2 in less than 30 minutes


Sole Survivor

Won a game of Battle Royale



Won a match of One on One



Won a match of Tag Team with a friend


They would only hold me back

Won a match of Tag Team when you were the only one alive on your team


Assembly is half the fun

Spent 30 minutes (cumulative) in the arsenal editor


A Benefit or a Hazard

Had a buff or debuff on yourself greater than +5 o5 -5 respectively in a single match


I like to gamble

Cumulative purchased 50 junk packs across campaign or multiplayer



Won a mission without missing a single attack skill


Unheeded warning

Took less than 5 points of damage when first meeting Freia



Defeated Carcino


An unobstructed view

Defeated Carcino without retrying


Watch your step!

Defeated Edgar without retrying


Cast out of the skies

Defeated Thalasso without retrying


3 times the amazing

Defeated Freia without retrying



Read every memo box


Channeling your Ki

Won a match with a single-school Ki arsenal


I can see further

Won a match with a single-school Optical arsenal


One of the Faithful

Won a match with a single-school Faith arsenal


Psychotic tendencies

Won a match with a single-school Psycho arsenal


Green is the color of victory

Won a match with a single-school Nature arsenal


Surface survivor

Spent more than 15 minutes playing Phantom Dust missions


Keys to the past

Unlocked all the memory boxes


You ain't done yet

Revived (or was revived) twice during a single Tag Team match


Seasoned combatant

Played on every multiplayer map at least once



Defeated enraged Edgar


Fates decided

Completed all the post-finale missions



Defeated Thalasso


Seeing triple

Defeated Freia


Does a god need faith?

Complete the campaign