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Your first zen meditation

Started zen meditation


Your first sutra-copying

Started copying sutra


Your first sutra-chanting

Started chanting sutra


Rome was not built in a day

Cleared zen meditation for the first time


Level 3

Reached level 3


Don't forget your original resolution

Cleared zen meditation 5 times


Level 5

Reached level 5


Level 10

Reached level 10


It is no use crying over spilt milk

Cleared zen meditation without making any mistakes


Level 15

Reached level 15


Repeated reading makes the meaning clear

Finished chanting sutra


Level 20

Reached level 20


Level 25

Reached level 25


Level 30

Reached level 30


Level 35

Reached level 35


A good workman does not blame his tools

Finished copying sutra


Easier said than done

Cleared zen meditation 10 times


Level 40

Reached level 40


Level 45

Reached level 45


Level 50

Reached level 50


If Winter comes, can spring be far behind?

Cleared zen meditation 50 times


Form is emptiness

Practiced meditation in all the scenes


Practice makes perfect

Cleared zen meditation 100 times