Logros 1 vs 100

Listado de logros de 1 vs 100. Desbloquéalos todos.



Low Rider

Answer instantly and incorrectly three times in a row


Group Hug

Your tean of four simultaneously achieves a Streak of three consecutive correct answers


Quarter Century

Answer a total of 25 questions correctly


Safe Keeping

Extended Play: In a single round, save up the maximum of three Skips


Snowboating Specialist

In a single 1 vs 100 Live round, max out your Avatar Action 10 times


Hair Trigger

Get three consecutive questions right while receiving an Instant Answer Bonus for each


Go Streaking!

In a single round, achieve a Streak of five consecutive correct answers


Speedy Delivery

In a single round, score a total of 1300 points through time bonuses


Golden Century

Answer a total of 100 questions correctly


Quick Draw

In a single round, receive six consecutive Instant Answer Bonuses


Game Show Guru

In any single round, achieve a Streak of 12 consecutive correct answers


Trivia Fanatic

ANswer a total of 500 questions