Butter & Friends: Babysitter Sim

Trofeos Butter & Friends: Babysitter Sim

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Baby Boom

Unlock all babies


Handful of Babies

Successfully babysit 4 babies in ione sitting


Babysitters' Club

Succesfully babysit with 4 sitters


Can't Touch This

Successfully babysit without the baby ever having gotten grabbed by an abductor


The Efficient Sitter

Successfully babysit without ever having exhausted your hand


The Proficient Sitter

Successfully babysit without ever having to retry


Certified Babysitter

Successfully babysit for the first time


Veteran Babysitter

Successfully babysit on Hard difficulty for the first time


In The Nick of Time

Have a baby return home after being dropped by an abductor just outside a doorway


The Negligent Sitter

Successfully babysit while having had the baby grabbed by every type of abductor


Bad Bread

Successfully babysit Bread on Hard difficulty


Guardian of Babies

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