Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online

Trofeos Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online

Listado de trofeos de Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online. Desbloquéalos todos.



Nep-ko Has Logged In!

Logged into 4 Goddesses Online


Amethyst Glass

Acquired the Sacred Treasure known as the Amethyst Glass


Black Diamond Sword

Acquuired the Sacred Treasure known as the Black Diamond Sword


Moonstone Hairpin

Acquired the Sacred Treasure known as the Moonstone Hairpin


Emerald Mirror

Acquierd the Sacred Treasure known as the Emerald Mirror


Power of Protection

Used Awakening for the first time


This is the Special...

Used an Awakening Skill for the first time


CPU Candidates Have Logged In!

The CPU Candidates joined your party


Guardian Goddesses Descend

The four Goddesses joined your party


No Cheating! Ever!

Defeated Cheetah



Defeated the mysteriously powerful enemy known as the Grim Reaper


Protection Complete

Defeated Cheetah and protected 4 Goddesses Online


Roar of Mercy

Defeated one of the Demon King's Paramount Pair, Minotauros


Fallen Hero

Defeated one of the Demon King's Paramount Pair, the Dark Knight


Lean Crystal

Acquired the secret treasure known as the Lean Crystal


Light that Illuminates Darkness

Joined forces and put a stop to Deon King Jester's ambitions


Paying Around

Enjoyed some shenanigans


Put Me Down Already!

Held Blanc bridal style


Seven Flowers of Autumn

Showed off the Ominaeshi skill


Even Undressing in Game, it's Only to Underwear

Got into an outside bath


Low Angle

The camera got all weird


An Important Shot

Noire and Uni's hearts pounded


A Tasty Guard Break

Presented the shining golden object to Goddess Purple Heart


Charm Even I Don't Know

Noire enjoyed taking pictures of herself


Nep Synchronization

Changed Tactics for the first time



Strengthened any euqipment to its maximum


First Job

Cleared a quest for the first time


Recommended Sterngthening

Strengthened equipment for the first time


The Refined Power

Acquired all skills for every character


Those Who Travel Alsgard

Opened up all stages


Pleasant Companions

Obtained Guild Cards for all characters


Guild Ranker

Guild Rank became 8


Rank Up!

Guild Rank became 2



The total times skills were used surpassed 500



The total times skills were used surpassed 100


Enthusiatic Adenturer

Entered dungeons 10 times


Rich Hunter

Total number of acqired treasure chests reached 50


Treasure Hunt primer

Total number of acquired treasure chests reached 10


May These Feelings Reach!

Used prayers a total of 50 times


Prayer to the Goddesses

Used a prayer for the first time


Wishuel's Jack of All Trades

Cleared 50% of all quests


Battle Master

Defeated 1.000 monsters



Total collected Bells surpassed 1.000.000


Combo Master

Achieved a 500 Combo


Attack King

Maximum total damage surpassed 100.000


Nep Walk

Walking distance surpassed 10.000m


The Savior of Alsgard

Cleared the main story of 4 Goddesses Online


Celebrate the Max!

Leveled up any character to their maximum


Quest Master

Cleared all quests


4 Goddesses Online Master

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