Trofeos Golem

Listado de trofeos de Golem. Desbloquéalos todos.



All on your own

Consigue todos los trofeos del juego


I'll show you a trick

Master the Incline Controls


Keel up, Dunebug

Learn why you should always bring a light with you


Dolls in her dollhouse

Find Sky's workshop


No place for children

Meet your fate at the Tide Gate


Deep mysteries, deep thoughts

Unlock a Tide door with the right mask


Bigger isn't always better

Open the way when a golem won't fit


The sweeping storm

Unlock a Storm door


All energy and action

Unlock a Flame door


The immortality of sleep

Discover the fate of the Sleepers


A light in her hand

Recover Sky's dreamstone


Close the circle

Find a way to open a Rust door


Tear the Shroud

Rescue Sky from her trap


Just like your mother

Confront the Iron Golem


The siege is over!

Defeat 30 ancient Sword Golems


We sleep no more!

Defeat 15 powerful Halberd Golems


Leave the Valley of Rust!

Defeat 15 deadly Mace Golems


The urns are dusty and cracked!

Defeat 35 crafty Dust Golems


We will rule again!

Defeat 5 enormous Stone Axe Golems


The Silent Watch is finished!

Defeat 100 Golems of the Silent Watch


She taught me her secrets

Collect all the Echoes that teach about Dreaming


Sleeps like a Warden

Collect all the Echoes about the history of the Endless City


Easy as dreaming

Collect all the Echoes from River that tell her story


Wake up, Twine

Collect all 100 Echoes hidden in the city


We dream or we starve

Scavenge for all the golem artifacts


Nice scrollwork

Find all the treasures in the city


You're just lucky, that's all

Discover the hidden gems


The best scavenger in the village

Collect all 100 treasure items